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AdwCleaner is a popular tool that will help you remove adware and toolbars from your computer and your browser and enable you to enjoy a better online and offline experience.

When you download and install new programs from the internet, you’re sometimes bound to encounter some programs that will start shoving various ads and even unwanted third-party programs into the installation.

And without even realizing it, you’re stuck with a program you don’t want, whether it’s a toolbar in your browser or an antivirus, for example.

With it, you can eliminate these programs and ads once and for all. The tool will help you detect such programs and files on your computer and delete them for you if that’s what you want to do.

Portable and Simple to Use

AdwCleaner is a highly portable tool. You can deploy it from an executable file found in extractable files. So, all you need to do is download the files, extract them, and you can start using this utility.

It doesn’t leave traces in your Windows Registry, either, so it will not consume any space and not many resources.

Scan and Delete Adware

When you start the application, you can start the scanning process. It’s a simple one, but also very highly effective.

The tool will automatically search for potential adware, malware on your computer, and potentially intrusive programs you might have installed without consent. After that, you can decide what to do with these files.

The results of the scan are presented neatly in a separate document. You’ll be able to see which entries are proposed by the tool for deletion. You can delete them on your own or later instruct the tool to delete them for you.

Note that while the program runs, it will close all the running applications. It can affect your computer performance.


AdwCleaner is an advanced and portable tool for cleaning adware from your computer and other potentially intrusive programs.

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