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Want to make sure you don’t have any malware on your computer? Then you can use Malwarebytes, an antimalware program that helps you detect and remove any potential threats found on your computer effectively.

Today, you need a good antimalware computer, especially if you’re a regular internet user. When you download files from the internet, you’re risking the health of your computer.

Malware programs are designed to track your computer behavior and get hold of your personal information and data. When you download files, you risk yourself to various hackers and malware.

With Malwarebytes, you’ll be able to detect and remove all potentially harmful files from your computer. It’s one of the most popular and famous antimalware tools out there.

You can use the free version, which has some basic features, although you’ll need to buy the license if you want to use all of this tool’s capabilities.

Scan Your PC with Basic Scanning Tools

The main use of this app is to allow you to scan your computer for potential threats. To do that, you’ll have two basic scanning features: Custom scan or Threat Scan. With Custom scan, you can define what parts of your computer get scanned and what the antimalware program should be taking a look at.

If you decide to use the Threat Scan, the tool will perform a complete scan of your computer to find any potentially threatening content.

Then, you can decide what to do with the files after the scan is completed. You can move them to quarantine or delete them completely if you want.

Advanced Tools

The application also includes more advanced tools, such as examining scan logs and connecting to a proxy server for virus database updates, notifications, and other capabilities.

The app can work slowly at times, which is especially typical for longer scans. Although it’s also true, it’s quite easy to use and does most of the hard work for you.


Malwarebytes is one of the best and most popular antimalware programs to help you scan your computer and remove threats.

Malwarebytes features and benefits:
  • Advanced malware detection and removal
  • Multi-language support
  • Fast response malware database and heuristics updates
  • Access to our expert community and knowledgeable support team

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