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OCam is a free and simple tool that will help you capture your screen, whether you need to capture the entire screen or just a portion of it.

The main function is to help you capture your screen and make sure you can get the entire screen at once. You’ll also be able to capture only portions of the screen if you want to, making it easy to use for those who want to take screenshots of only a part of their screen without using editing or cropping tools.

Record Audio and Video

OCam allows you to record audio and video, too. You can also make some adjustments to the footage you make with this tool, as you’ll be able to narrate and even add your soundtrack to the footage you make.

It is perfect if you want to make tutorials on how to make things or if you’re going to show your screen and record it for other people.

There are some awesome customizations in this tool, too. You can use various editing tools such as language changes, hotkeys, watermarks, mouse effects, and more. These tools let you customize the things you capture with this tool easily and quickly.

Also, you’ll be able to take screenshots of your desktop. It is helpful if you don’t want to use additional tools for cropping screenshots,  like the standard Windows screenshotting tool.

Change the Screen You Record

This tool makes it easy for you to adjust the size of the screen you’re capturing. So if you only want to record a part of your screen, this tool allows you to do just that.

It is helpful when you only want to show a part of the screen or if you want to hide certain parts of the screen, which might contain sensitive information that you don’t want to be seen.


OCam is a simple and free tool for taking screenshots and recording videos of your screen.

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