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Thunderbird is a complete and comprehensive email client that will help you manage your emails and stay safe, thanks to its many security features built-in to protect your emails and your privacy.

Emails are still one of the most popular ways of communicating today, but they have also become under threat by many different types of hackers and those looking to exploit the system.

With it, you can easily send messages to friends and colleagues, although you also want to have the safest system possible.

If you want to use a secure and advanced mailing client, you can use Thunderbird.

It is an open-source client that makes it easy for you to check your email, send it, attach files, and apply various security features to help ensure you stay safe.

Easy and Open-Source

Although it has managed to stay alive and kicking with its ease of use and open-source nature, it has many competitors.

It will work with various servers and accounts because it will automatically enter the server settings you’ll need to get the most efficient way to send your emails.

It has the typical look of an email client. Nothing special about it, but it’s extremely easy to use.

In the main window, you’ll see the main settings and features, such as your inbox and receive messages and sent messages, drafts, and junk. You also have archives and important emails that you can sort to make things more organized.

One exciting function reminds users to upload the attachment before hitting send. Other options include multiple-channel chat, whether on Facebook, Google Talk, IRC, Twitter, or XMPP, web search, and an archive.

Furthermore, large attachment-related problems and tracking issues will become a thing of the past. The latest improvements include phishing protection, which is incredible when a received link sends you to a different place than initially believed.


Moreover, Thunderbird is fully customizable, so you can adjust how the interface looks based on your needs. You can add extensions that make it even easier for you to craft emails and create a more user-friendly interface if you want.

Most add-ons are free to use and improve your overall experience.


Thunderbird is an open-source, secure email client with plenty of customization options. In short, it’s for everyone looking for an alternative that’s safe to use.

Technical details

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Thunderbird Setup 115.6.0.exe
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55.12 MB
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Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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