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Debloater allows you to block and unblock third-party applications on your Android device, which helps you ensure you can use applications on your Android device with just a few mouse clicks.

Blocking and unblocking applications are possible on your Android device. You can do it straight from your phone. However, that is not the most user-friendly way to do it, and it also takes quite a lot of time.

Instead, you can use an app like Debloater. It’s a tool that helps you block and unblock files and third-party apps on your Android device from your computer. You can do so with only a few mouse clicks on the app, which is easier than on your mobile phone.

This tool also comes with various useful features that will help you manage the apps you have installed on your Android device.

Manage Android Apps from your Computer

The good thing about this app is its simplicity. You won’t need to use the phone to block and unblock. Instead, you can do it straight from your computer, which is made possible with this app.

You only need to note that it’s only possible to work with this tool if you have Android KitKat or newer (Android 4.4).

If you enable the USB debugging tool on your phone, you should easily use this app. You can establish a connection and get going with your process.

Then, this app will automatically scan for Android packages, which helps you determine what you should do next.

Enable and Disable Applications

The application’s main feature is the ability to block and enable apps on your Android phone.

You’ll be able to see all of the APK files you have on your phone in the app, which are the apps you have installed. When or if your phone is rooted, you can remove and block all of them.

There are additional functionalities of this app, too. Once you click the Read Device Packages button, you can access all of the tools in this app. You can export the APK list and filter the data and the apps you’ve searched for.

If you’re unsure how to use this tool completely, you can bring up the tooltips. It allows you to use the Debloater easily and apply these tips to your work immediately.


Debloater is the go-to application if you want to block and enable apps on your Android device straight from your computer with a few clicks.

This tool is useful for everyone who wants to manage their Android device quickly and with a few clicks. It comes with advanced features for managing your device, too.

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