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March 23rd, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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GWX Stopper helps you terminate the GWX process and remove it from executing at startup. You can rely on this tool because it works and offers a user-friendly interface.

If you have an older computer, it is a good idea to protect it against highly resource-consuming programs to keep it running for a more extended period. You see that specific Windows updates will slow down your PC in time.

You won`t have to worry about problems because this GWX Stopper greatly helps you. This one has a simple-to-use interface with only a single function, thanks to its simplicity. Many users can use it because it won`t integrate complicated functions.

Launching the program detects whether a GWX is installed and running on the computer. It disables the GWX and prevents it from running efficiently. After you block the process from running, you don`t need to use this app further.

GWX Stopper only displays a large red button stating “Stop GWX”. Clicking on this button removes all unwanted processes from your computer, which means that this program can only be used once. It won`t remove any actual file from your computer.

To turn the function back on, you must rename the directory that this app has changed from “GWX-“ to “GWX”.

GWX Stopper is a handy utility that helps you remove the GWX process from your computer without deleting anything from your PC.

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