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Do you have an ASUS graphics card? Then you’ll love the look of ASUS GPU Tweak, which was designed to help you get more out of your GPU and use additional features that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

ASUS develops some of the best graphics cards on the market, both for desktop computers and laptops.

Whatever device you might be using, you can consider your GPU highly tweakable since it has some additional functions that can only be unlocked with specialized software.

To help their users overcome these issues, Asus has developed the ASUS GPU Tweak application.

It is an app that will help you get more out of your GPU and increase the clock speeds, tweak your graphics card, and make changes to it so that you get more out of it. It’s quite easy to use and takes the hard work from your hands.

Great for ASUS Users

It should be first mentioned that the application was designed for ASUS graphics cards only, so if you have another graphics card, you might want to consider using another piece of software for your card.

Overall, this utility lives up to its expectations by making it as easy as possible for users to make the changes they want. It has a relatively simple interface and complex enough features to appeal even to the most demanding users.

It will look a bit quirky and modern at first, but it’s a joy to work with once you figure it out.

Overclock and More

The main function that many users will be interested in is the overclocking capability. This app provides you with a safe environment to make the necessary changes, but it will also provide you with enhanced performance.

You can quickly get the most GPU out of your card, and this app will allow you to modify the GPU Clock according to the GPU voltage.

You can set the fan speed by using this app, and you will get all of the info you need by creating a customized graph that will make use of the 2D/3D switcher.


ASUS designed ASUS GPU Tweak to help their users get more juice out of their graphics cards and increase clock speeds and tweak some other settings that come with their GPU.

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